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About eAbitration


eArbitration is a joint venture between Poul Schmith, the largest law firm in Denmark, and the Danish digital transformation consultancy, Appstract.

Our vision is to make legal processes easier, seamless and more accessible through technology. We want to continuously improve efficiency and access to justice around the world by simplifying processes and removing barriers to the use of arbitration.

The development of the eArbitration platform is an ongoing process to make arbitration case handling more efficient.  We constantly strive to develop secure solutions which cut costs and time consumption.  

eArbitration is a cross-institution / cross-organization solution rather than an institution specific solution. The mantra behind this philosophy is the question; Why build your own arbitration platform with all the costs, hardship and maintenance that entails, when you can buy an off-the-shelf well-tested solution and have it modified to your needs?


Paw Fruerlund


“eArbitration is formed out of our personal experience from participating in arbitration. We realized that a range of standard arbitration processes could be automated and digitalised, releasing a substantial amount of resources. At the same time, we saw several institutions building their own solutions. However, we see digitalization of case management in the future becoming a prerequisite for arbitration institutions and associations. Thus everyone must become digital in their approach on this matter. If this is true; institutions and associations should ask themselves. Why build your own solution? You would not build your own word processor, but use an off-the-shelf solution like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Therefore, the vision of eArbitration is to satisfy the needs of arbitration case management across institutions and organizations.”