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Simplicity. Efficiency. Transparency. Security.

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eArbitration is a software as a service platform and application dedicated entirely to making arbitration easier. Using the platform you will always have the full overview of your arbitration cases.

Whether you are an arbitrator, a party representative, an expert witness or an administrator, you will enjoy the simple and appealing yet comprehensive user interface.

We create value for all involved

save time Saves time
simplifies Simplifies
connects Connects
organizes Organizes
reduces cost Reduces cost

The development of eArbitration is an ongoing process to improve and disrupt the way arbitration cases are handled today.

We will constantly strive to develop meaningful and safe solutions which will save time, money and secure effectiveness.

Our vision and ambition is to develop an arbitration platform for arbitration institutes around the world. This will secure a safe, compliant and streamlined process, while ensuring less expenses in future developments and maintenance of the platform.

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eArbitration is a joint venture between the Law firm Poul Schmith and the Software development company Appstract.

For more information on eArbitration or if you want to book a demo please contact:

Katrine Anna Larsen Phone: +45 31 71 87 66
Paw Fruerlund Phone: +45 50 77 84 08
Kim Løwert Phone: +45 26 14 82 22